The magnificent Chaco golden knee tarantula

The Chaco golden knee tarantula is a personal favorite of mine.  This is a monstrously large tarantula species, with a legspan that can be upwards of eight inches(!!!).  Unlike many other monstrously large species, this one is docile and very easy to handle.  This is perhaps the largest species of tarantula that can be safely handled with little effort.

The scientific name of this species is Grammastola aureostriatum. The genus name (aureo + striatum) means "golden striped." That's another thing that I like about this species—its lovely and distinctive coloring. These gentle giants are truly a delight to behold

Grammastola aureostriatum is a terrestrial burrower from the new world (specifically, South America). Spiderlings shoudl be fed with pinhead crickets and flightless fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster for newborn spiderlings, and Drosophila hydei for slightly larger ones). As the spiders grow larger, they can be fed with crickets, mealworms and superworms. Larger specimens can easily feed on larger insects (e.g. mantids and large roaches), as well as the occasional pinky mouse.

These tarnatulas should ideally be kept at temperatures of 70 to 80°F, with humidity levels of 60% to 70%. Because they are terrestrial burrowers, housing floor space is more important than vertical space. Peat moss and vermiculite are recommended for use as substrates.


ELISPOT, Deutsch